Who we are

Choose the right partner! Cobofra has worked for over thirty years in the production and distribution of electrical and electronic cabling, cards, modules, wiring and electrical switchboards.


Cobofra has worked for over thirty years in the electronic and electrotechnic sector. Cobofra’s plants hold the fullest know how and professionalism, be it in the manufacturing of a simple electronic signal board, an electronic power cable, or a flexible electric heating pad. Technology, competence, service and quality are the common denominators which have identified Cobofra over the years and have turned the company’s clients into faithful customers, turning our collaborations into a steady dialogue to constantly improve the products.


Cobofra was born as a result of a production initiative intended to make electrical cabling (both power and signal) and connection cables with connectors of different types.


The lighting section was born, offering services and production of connection cables for both decorative and technical lighting.


Cobofra perceives the market’s demand to shift to electronics, and starts to offer mixed solutions, including technical and planning ideas, that are customized on the product’s needs. Electronic cabling supplies are launched.


An in-house R&D department is created. Hardware and software design and development, product prototyping and certification.


The heating adventure begins, developing and supplying flexible heating components, combined with our electronic controls and our cabling systems, thus creating complete heating kits for different types of devices.


As an offshoot of Cobofra, another company was born: MIV (Materiale Illuminotecnico Veneto). It supplies lighting components from Zero Branco (Treviso Italy), where it is located.


The GIADA adventure begins: the lighting automation system by Cobofra. Light sources that communicate with each other through a proprietary network and create light effects controlled by one fixed or mobile device.


With an eye to the future

The world of appliances is demanding to be combined with electronic technology and electrical cabling more and more these days. Cobofra is determined in the pursuit of a constant evolution and improvement, in order to offer a complete service in combining the appliances with the electronics, to supply complete boards and electrical cabling, everything being designed and manufactured in the company’s internal plants. Partner!! Is the keyword that can better represent Cobofra’s service. Products, know-how, developments and customizations are the result of our motivation and will towards a more and more knowledgeable, high-tech and prompt service and collaboration.