Certified quality

Quality and certifications

Cobofra S.r.l. has always been able to identify and implement both investments and internal transformations that have allowed it to provide its clients with the very best offer of products and services, in both quality and quantity terms. Our Quality Policy is available on request.


It can be difficult sometimes to know where you want to get. We have never had any doubt. We want to follow the uphill path leading to excellency.


Our company’s efficiency is the result of a smart organization and well-aimed efforts. Our strength is to be capable of meeting any need, keeping both costs and timing extremely competitive.


Our focus is always on continuous training, technological research, innovations and the constant will to exceed ourselves.


Nature gives us space for free, but only if we can limit our greed. This is the kind of awareness we want to transmit and maintain in all the aspects of our work, without detracting our attention from the care for the environment and for safety.