Electrical cabling and power cables with die-cast approved plugs for the most varied needs, standard or customized.

Customized electrical cabling, adaptable to a wide variety of devices.

Spiral cables

Cobofra provides spiral cables for various fields, customized by type of spiral, color, and cable type, ranging from simple extensible power cables to composite cables for mixed uses.

Cabling for household appliances

Cabling with PVC, PVC 90°, silicone, glass-silicone, silicone K, ul-csa cables, PVC for low temperatures, polythene, ETFE, polyurethane, PFA, fire-resistant, rubber-rubber, neoprene, etc. One-pole and multi-pole cables, wired and in pieces, with fast terminals and connections.

Air conditioning cabling

One-pole and multi-pole cables, electrical cabling kits, high voltage and ignition cables, wired electrodes with protection, configured and wired heating equipment, configured and wired operation cards for boilers and burners, electrical switchboards and panels provided with a testing device…

Automotive industry wiring

One-pole wiring for the Automotive industry, multi-pole FLYY and FLRYY cables with conductors of different sections, complete cabling kits for accessories…

Electrical co-molding

Cobofra co-molds connections, cables, and electronic boards in order to protect, insulate, and waterproof, as well as to manufacture connectors of any kind of size and shape.


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